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Pinoy Dance Showdown: A Hip-Hop Dance Competition for Pinoys in the U.S. and Canada

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EAST U.S. – Flipcyde iLLstars

Captain’s Name: Wa Boogie
Member Names: Jeffreeze, Dell, Blaze, The Dragon, Sha, Tiff
Location: US – EAST
Date Founded: Mar 2, 2000
Representing the fun side of Hip-Hop dance. Comprised of different dance styles, our goal is to entertain and to please the crowd.


WEST U.S. – Poreotic

Captain’s Name: Dumbo
Member Names: Popncan, asimo, Law, Jetli, Chad
Location: US – WEST
Date Founded: Dec 13, 2007
Poreotics – popping choreography robotics.


EAST Canada – I Rock With The One

Captain’s Name: Kyeu
Member Names: Baby Boi, Kang, PauPau, Jay-V, JP, Flo
Location: Canada – East
Date Founded: Jun 13, 2009
A hip hop dance crew called”I Rock With The One”.They dance for God,He is our Father,our Brother, our Bestfriend. We are just blessed to be able to use the gift of dancing God has given us all. Our main goal is to spread the Word and spread The ONE


West Canada – PraiseTEAM
Captain’s Name: Boogie
Member Names: Missy, Beulah, Mickee, Locsin, Flojo, AJ
Location: Canada – West
Date Founded: Jul 6, 1999
Praise T.E.A.M. is a dance and theatre arts ministry composed of young dedicated Christians, whose mission is to evangelize through the performing arts. Our intention is to provide an arena for expression through dance, music and drama.



I also found this one, dunno what team this is but the “tinikling” routine was hella dope!

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